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» About Us

The objectives of the MCRF are:
  • To take up subjects related to ethical issues in media houses and the importance of market considerations.
  • To bring together creative media-persons together on one platform, make them share resources, ideas and problems, in addition to sharing opportunities.
  • To create an ideas bank, story pool, database and resource center to do stories for print, TV and radio. The members and associates are encouraged to take on and complete assignments on a cooperative basis.
  • To conduct serious, far-reaching research on the media and its impact, so as to look for ways to make the media more meaningful and relevant to the people.
  • To engage in activities that lead to associating professionals from other fields with the media and communication sector.
  • To promote and support educational activities in the fields of media and mass communication and to provide assistance to bright newcomers.
  • To establish linkages with national and international organizations for the purpose of information and ideas exchange for academic purposes.
  • To engage in activities leading to the convergence of communication, information technology and telecommunication tools for the purpose of enriching the media and communication sector.
  • To bring about a synergy among the related activities of mass communication such as the media, advertising, public relations, corporate, business and development communication, publishing and design, audio and visual communication.
  • To invite all media and communication professionals to send in their views on the chosen fields so that a discussion can be initiated and an attempt be made to evolve a consensus on how to strike the right balance.
  • To promote greater involvement of academics in the field of media and mass communication.
  • To organize training programmes for mass communication students and newcomers in the profession to help them upgrade their skills.
  • To prepare and execute projects for organizations in the field of mass communication.
  • To come out with a publication for the purposes of disseminating information about its objectives.

The MCRF society is registered under the Societies Act, 1860.

Key Functionaries

The key functionaries of MCRF Society are:

Ratan Mani Lal (President and Editorial Director), Dr Rashmi Roy Choudhury (Vice President, an eminent Scientist and Bio-technology expert), Shikha Lal (General Secretary, a creative designer and social activist) and Sanjay Mohan Johri (Eminent academician and writer of the path-breaking book on reporting, titled Out in the Field).

Besides, many media and communication professionals from print and electronic media, academics and designing are also associated with MCRF as members, associates and advisors.